Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2nd test ind vs england

its very sad that india .. the no. 1 test ranking looses the 2nd test agian from england.
reasons why the strongest batting line up looses against england::::
1. lack of opening patnership...... missing sehwag n gambhir
2. poor performance by indian spnner harbhajan singh by bowl.
3. lack of consistency,..... after taking 8 wicket on 128 ,,.. england make 221.where as india looses 5 on 13.
4. failing of batting order of india .
5. bad form of captain m.s. dhoni ..... dhoni only petform in india ,...where as outside india his bat stops scoring runs.
6. a lot of pressure on sachin about his century....... n all know no one can perform under pressure.

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